Deep in the ocean Poseidon awaits

Trident in hand ready to deal my fate

Can’t breath  underwater so I’m holding my breath

I’m starting to realize that there ain’t nothing left

The last few months has been something awful. It’s hard for me to go into detail here as I have too many people that know me and I haven’t made anything really public yet. Maybe I’ll just start another blog and try to let my followers know somehow. Maybe I should just stop blogging since I don’t really  keep it up like I should. Or maybe I just say fuck it and not care who reads what and what they have to say about it.

For those of you  who might read this and do know what is going on, I just ask you again for some prayers for me. Getting through this is 1) something I never thought I’d have to do and 2) way harder than I could ever imagine.

Life is an interesting ride. I really need to stop fighting it and just enjoy it. I use to do that but it has gotten harder over the years. I need to get back to that place. I need to just enjoy life and be thankful for the things I do have and what I have control over (this is what counseling is supposed to be helping me with. Too early to tell if it’s working or not). Maybe if I say it  enough it will be true.

Until next time….


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  1. Maria says:

    I’m praying for you my friend. I’m sorry life doesn’t seem to be going your way. I hope someday soon it shall and that you’ll have a big smile in your heart. Big big hug Rocco xx

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