Busy Week

I know you’ve all been anxiously awaiting my next post and I am sorry it’s taken me a week to get back on it.  I hope you all accept my apology for this and for this not being a post about some “Sea Stories” from my time in the Navy.

The weekend started out pretty great last week.  Thursday, I went to a beer pairing with my wife and we drank and ate until they kicked us out.  We found some GREAT new beers and I’ll be seeking them out very soon.  Then on Friday my youngest brother graduated 8th grade.  I am so happy for him!  He’s like my little mini-me and he’s finally old enough to really be cool to hang out with!  Not that I didn’t enjoy hanging out with him before because I did!  He’s just older and TONS of fun now!

***note to self: write post about my relationship with my siblings because they are fucking awesome***

Saturday, we had a wedding to go to.  It was a great service and I had a blast at the reception!  It might have been one of the best weddings I’ve been to in a long time.  Probably because my best friends were there and there was an open bar with an unlimited supply of Jack Daniels….

Sunday was a long one.  I was left a lone for most of the day due to my wife spending time with friends and the kids staying at the in-laws.  I went to the driving range, spent time with my parents, and saw a movie with my sister.  It was a good time, but I felt lonely.  I didn’t talk to my wife all day and it was stressful to say the least.  I’m not use to not talking to here for chunks of time like that.  The last time that happened was when I was on deployment in our first year of marriage and that never sat well with me then either.

Monday, I spent Memorial Day at the VFW.  I am looking to become much more involved there as most younger people are not joining and the clubs are starting to be in big financial trouble.  I hope that one day I can help get things back on track, but that’s a whole different issue.

However, with all that’s been going on between the weekend, the Blackhawks shenanigans, and work, I haven’t been able to eat much the last few day and feel like shit.  Hopefully this all passes and I can get back to “normal” (whatever the fuck that is) soon.

I hope you all enjoy your day.  I promise to post a Navy story soon!


2 thoughts on “Busy Week

  1. Michelle says:

    Now THAT sounds like a lovely holiday weekend. How’s the new job?

    • Very good but I am INCREDIBLY busy! No one before me for the last 3-5 years really left any documentation so I’ve been stuck doing it. Keeps me busy though so I can’t complain.

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