Zebras and Life

I’ve been trying to think about a post for about 3 weeks now.  Then last Wednesday/Thursday came and I was sure about what I was going to write about. I didn’t write it.  Maybe I didn’t want to admit it.  Maybe I just didn’t sound like a crying, whining little bitch.  Maybe I just got lazy and didn’t feel like writing.

The post was going to be about the last month of my life.  How I quit a job I liked over petty (but justified) shit.  How I hated my new job with a passion as much as I’ve ever had in a very long time.  How I worked my ass off and yet still was made to feel like I was doing a shitty job.  Then my washing machine broke at a time when I literally had $0 in the ol bank account.  I went to buy a new (used) one and on the way home got a call from my recruiter telling me I was “getting laid off”.  How that night, the boiler in my house went out and it was colder inside my house Thursday than it was outside.

I decided not to write (in-depth) about these things and my state of mind.

Yesterday I though about writing about depression and my views on it.  I was going to write that I’m too practical to slip into depression… or so I thought.  I was going to write about how I don’t even know what I’m thinking and that my mind has been racing for the better part of a year about all bad things.

I decided not to write about that.

I don’t want you to feel bad for me about these things as they are just a part of life (I guess).

Instead, I’m going to write about zebras.  I fucking love zebras.  Not as much as I love monkeys, but zebras are fucking cool.  They are black AND white and they look like horses.  Everyone loves horses.  Zebras are just black and white wild horses.  They are pretty fuckin cool if you ask me.

Now you might be wondering why I decided to talk about the these incredibly cool fuckin creatures.  Well, last night I was at Micah’s house drinking Irish Car Bombs and Guinness in the celebration of the great Irishness of us all on St. Paddy’s Day (weekend).  We were talking about our friendship and his post from earlier last week (http://whatthemicah.wordpress.com/2014/03/13/anti-social-media/).  We’ve been best friends for just over 2 years now, but it seems like its been a lot longer.

Then came up one night that he and my brothers were over.  Micah and I were drinking Jameson and I got pretty hammered.  I was trying to send a tweet but just couldn’t do it.  I was staring at my tablet for a solid 5 minutes and my brother decided to try and say random things to me to see if I even knew what was going on.  My one brother yelled out “Zebras” and without missing a beat, I said, “I fucking LOVE zebras.”

It was a great memory that I can’t believe I even remember.  These are the things I am trying to think of to keep my head up in this extremely tough moment of my life.  Memories of my kids, family and friends are getting me through at the moment.  Trying to create new memories and keep my head up.  I’m praying things get better and working hard to make things easier.  For now, I will have to keep pushing by remembering that zebras are fucking awesome.


11 thoughts on “Zebras and Life

  1. whatthemicah says:

    I’m glad I can be a part of what gets you through the shit. Keep your head up brother. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel but right now all you’re hearing is the train whistle as it bears down on you. Keep plugging along and you’ll get there! In the meantime let’s focus on those fucking zebras!!

  2. ellendolfan says:

    Hang in there. Why does it always seem like everything hits at one time?

  3. amediablogger says:

    Rococo, loved this post. Sometimes life sucks but it gets better. Sometimes life is telling us something. You’ve offered similar advice to me in the past and I think you need to hear that for yourself. Zebras are awesome and I love them too but only ever saw unicorns when wasted. Anything is possible 🙂 Hugs my friend and chin up!

    • Thanks Maria! I know it all means something and I know it’ll get better. Thanks for the reminder. It’s easier to help someone else get through life sometimes than it is to help yourself. My chin is up and I appreciate the hugs!

  4. Michelle says:

    Rocco..I am sorry that things are tough for you. I know it doesn’t seem like it..but it will pass. It always does. Doesn’t make the moments any easier, though.

    This is a brilliant post. I love it so much. And I love zebras. You’re right..they are terribly coo.

  5. […] update on what has been going on since my last “real” post, although I still love  https://roccoslife.wordpress.com/2014/03/16/zebras-and-life/!  I have since come to a much better place.  I am working again and it is a GREAT job.  It is […]

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