Until We Meet Again

The mist hits my face

More refreshing than the sun

Spinning in circles making figure eights

Nowhere in the world is like this place

The sand feels great between my feet

But I must to travel hundreds of miles for us to meet

The water is clear and air is clean

Until we meet again and my life becomes complete



In The Darkness

In the darkness that consumes me a little light appears.

I’m not sure where the light is coming from

I haven’t seen it in years.

I’m lost, but found

If only for a moment.

The light is so bright

There must be an end in sight.

The universe is swirling

Like in the eye of a storm.

The sea has rough waters.

From the very day we are born.

“In the eye of the beholder” is a saying they say

Until they see the other side

And they will have to pay.

But the light is getting stronger

I just can’t see it yet.

One day it’ll shine bright

And my soul will be out of debt.

The Wrap Game



You may or may not know that I work 2 jobs.  By day I am the assistant IT Manager (that sometimes does maintenance on machinery) and by night (about 15-20 hours/week) I work at my former job hanging air line/piping, wiring, building maintenance, ect.  This has been going on since the beginning of November of last year.  

The game in question, as I like to call it The Wrap Game started long before this, but has come to a very interesting point over the last few weeks.  

About a year and a half ago, my co-worker, Tom, and I started discussing our weight and the fact that we needed to stop putting half of our weekly paychecks in the vending machine.  However, if either of us did go to the vending machine (which was still a few times a week…) we would place the wrapper somewhere where the other party would find it causing them to become hungry.  It was a humorous game the came screeching to a halt when I was laid off last March.

When I came back to work with the company a few months ago, Tom was recovering from surgery and I wasn’t sure if he would even remember playing if he was at work.  This quickly changed when he did come back a few weeks later….

I’ll admit I started it again in November but I will NOT take responsibility for initiating it originally.  See, Tom is a 67 year old grumpy old man that is really only still working because he doesn’t know what he would do with himself alone all day, every day.  So to lighten his mood on his first day back to that hell hole, I placed a bag of Lay’s (c) Barbecue chips in the pocket of the sweatshirt he wears.  There is no way he could have missed it when he came in Monday morning.

And so the game began once again…..

Over the next few weeks I would find chip wrappers under my toolbox or sticking out of the top.  I once taped a Bear Claw wrapper to his scooter (kind of like a Segway but cheaper and shittier).  I thought that was a pretty good one if you ask me hahaha.

Most of the time they end up in a locker or on my toolbox.  The variety hasn’t changed much… until Wednesday.

I come in to work not thinking at all about The Wrap Game.  I unlock my toolbox to continue my job on the ceiling hanging pipe.  I go to get my pipe wrench under the top shelf of tools, only to find 6 or 7 wrappers sitting nicely on top of all my tools.  I could not stop laughing.  What made this so funny to me was I distinctly remember locking my box on Monday night.  I even went back into the shop after locking up to do so!

How in the fuck did he get all those wrappers under the top level of my toolbox?!?!?!  I have been baffled by this for the last 3 days now.  So I preceded to to put all of his garbage + my own from the night (3 bags of chips… I was starving).  I placed all this shit all over the shop.  Anything that belonged to him and was out in the open was fair game in my book!  I put his glasses in a (grease-free) bag, all of his pockets on both of his jackets were filled with a bag each, his locker became decorated with garbage held on by super magnetized magnets, and I stuffed the rest actually into his locker through a slight crack.  I may have even put on on top of the coffee pot and in the microwave… (but I will not confirm or deny that)

Now I don’t know what his plan of attack is now that the ball is once again in his court, but I feel like I have run out of ideas for my next move!  I guess I will find out what he does tomorrow…..  Until then, I will keep you guys updated.