I’m Not As Strong As I Appear

I have had a post stuck in my head for several weeks now.  I have been trying to find the right way to write it and the right time to post it.

This is not that post.

This post is about being able to be “you”.  With all of the social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, ect.) and all of your family, friends, and acquaintances, how much of our time is spent wording something to appease others?  Or not posting things we REALLY think because someone will see it and might take offence to it?

Recently, I have seen a lot of tweets and blog post about people who still won’t post their real feelings or say what’s exactly on their mind because they are afraid either work, a friend or family members may see it and they don’t want to hear it from them.

I am guilty of the same thing.  There have been lots of things that I have wanted to say, but just can’t.  I mean I physically can say those things, but I like my relationships the way they are.  I don’t want to cause any waves on the sea that I have created in my life.

I was thinking of this exact post when I was in the City last weekend.  As you may know, I have a friend at work who is gay.  He has become a very good friend that will listen when I need to talk and vise versa.  While I was downtown, a transgender approached me in the store and it sparked a thought that I have been unable to get out of my head since.

The amount of courage it takes for someone to tell their family and friends that they are not heterosexual is astonishing to me.  I have always found myself to be a “strong” individual (although, this is the image that I have worked very hard to attain but in fact is very far from the truth) and I couldn’t imagine coming forth to people with this information.

To me, these are people some of the “strongest” people.  My friend from work will always tell me how big of a baby he is, or he’s just another weakling, or that him coming out wasn’t a sign of strength, but I would have to strongly disagree.

My hat is of to you ladies and gentlemen.

So my question is, are you really able to be you?  Are you, in your own form, 100% you all of the time?

My answer to those questions are “no”.

Maybe one day I can say yes to them but just not today.


8 thoughts on “I’m Not As Strong As I Appear

  1. ragemichelle says:

    I will say that I am more ‘me’ than I have ever been.

    But the truth is…I don’t think that ANYONE gets to be 100% themselves all the time. It’s not realistic.

    I agree…people who are able to say ‘this is me’ and that is something that people find objectionable? Well, THAT is brave. And I agree…hats off to them.

    I read this to my husand and we’re discussing it.

    I always enjoy your posts, Rocco.

    Here’s hoping you and your family have a wondeful new year.

    • Thank you, as way Michelle.

      I agree that it is unrealistic to be “ourselves” 100% of the time. But how much are we? 75%? 50%? I know I’ve come to realize a lot if things as of late but I don’t think my “world” is ready.

      Or maybe I’m just still not ready.

  2. whatthemicah says:

    Very well stated, friend. I know I’ve been guilty of changing who I am on social media because of a “fear” of back lash. It’s something I’m really trying to change though.

  3. Cassie says:

    I, too, am guilty of not always being honest with who I am.

    People have often told me how brave or strong I was for just being myself. When the truth was I had been (and am) hiding my chronic severe depression. What people saw as me being myself despite others’ opinions was really just apathy from the depression. I can’t say I’ve ever met someone who is true to himself 100% of the time. If you ever do meet someone like this, let me know. I would like to meet him/her, too.

    • Haha! I don’t think anyone is themselves 100% of the time. However, I do believe that we should be able to be ourselves. I’ll definitely let you know if I find that person though!

      I hope you can get the support that you need on your depression. I feel myself weaving in and out at times. I pray that I can recognize it if it gets too bad ever and can get help.

      Thanks for commenting too! I really appreciate it!

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