Comics and My Inner Geek

So yesterday, my co-worker brought me a comic.  I thought he was just showing me what he had purchased over the weekend but he was, in fact, showing me what he bought me!

My co-worker is gay, so naturally my wife decided to poke fun that my “new boyfriend” got me a gift.  I don’t care though.  I was SO excited to have some new reading material!

I have always been a fan of super heroes and now my son is becoming an even bigger fan (if that’s possible).  The problem is, I have never really been able to buy and read a lot of comics.  Growing up, my family didn’t have any money and now that I’m older and on my own, I’ve followed right in line.

I have bought a handful over the last year or so.  I even went to a small local comic convention a few weeks back and made a decent sized purchase.

Comics are $5 now!!! That’s ridiculous!  Who can afford that?!?!  I sure as hell can’t.

So when my friend walked in with the first issue of a new series that he ABSOLUTELY knew I would like, I could hardly contain myself.

I’m a complete geek in my super hero obsession.  Anyone who knows me will tell you that.  It’s no surprise really.

I’ll tell you what though, I’m very excited to read the new series Sons of Anarchy



2 thoughts on “Comics and My Inner Geek

  1. Ragemichelle says:

    Sweet!! I love SOA. And gay or straight doesn’t matter, what matters is someone you work with wanted to do something to make you happy and that has got to feel good!

    I bought the Buffy comics when they came out. I’m okay with my dweebiness.

    • Oh she didn’t mean it like that. Neither of us have a problem with sexual orientation. It’s actually a standing joke between her and I about my male friends (gay or straight).

      I was so excited when he showed me though and I’m loving embracing my inner geek!

      Buffy was a good show too! I’m sure the comic was awesome!

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