My Neighbor is Better than Yours

If you follow me on twitter then you know that I spend a lot of time at my neighbor’s house.  He is an awesome dude, let me tell you.  He’s 59 years old, a retired Army vet and he was born in England.  That’s not even why he’s cooler than your neighbor.

Brian is a very strange individual, but he may be one of the most caring people I know… as long as you don’t cross him.  Then he’s a complete dick (so am I).

He sits in his garage without a shirt on, drinks beer, and smokes cigarettes.  That’s it.  Every time I’m outside in my driveway, he hollers over “Heeeey neighbor.  Want a beer?”  I’ve probably had more beer at his house than I’ve had at my own house.  And I drink a lot of beer at my house.  Not like a dangerous amount, but enough for one person to handle within reason.  So he gives me free beer (almost daily), hands me a smoke as soon as I through my own empty pack away, and we sit down and talk about either maintenance or the military for HOURS at a time.

That’s not why he’s a better neighbor than yours though.

Brian recently lost his job and is having trouble finding work again.  In the time that he has been off (about a month now), he has watched my kids when I couldn’t be home, fixed my lawn mower, bought more beer for us to drink, offered to clean my gutters (which I am taking him up on since I won’t go near a ladder for the time being), and is going to take a look at my downstairs walls to try and help me with the remodeling that I have put off for almost 3 years now.

Brian is the best neighbor I have ever had and probably will ever have.

He’s definitely better than yours.


2 thoughts on “My Neighbor is Better than Yours

  1. RageMichelle says:

    My neighbor parks his big stupid truck in front of our house and his cat poops in our yes..yours is better

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